Urban Timetravel S.A., a Luxembourg-based company, offers the world’s first service to experience timetravel in a hyper-realistic environment.  We use the latest Virtual Reality hardware, rendering and AI-based technologies to create the best timetravel experiences – for tourists and citizens!

For Tourists: We offer online bookings of our timetravel experiences. The first city to buy your tickets for is Luxembourg. Of course, we want to bring this product to all historically relevant cities in the world. To yours, as well!

For Cities: You can choose between three different timetravel experiences for your sights. Scroll down for more information.


Three products – one goal: Bringing timetravel to your location!


Bus, Boat, Train, Coach – whatever moves, can travel back in time!

Enable any vehicle for a timetravel experience: Together with you, we bring a completely new innovation of sightseeing to life in your city!

Virtual Reality Application, uniquely created for your City Tour Ride!

• Concept, Story, Technical Specifications included
• Patented tracking system of hardware & software for vehicles
• Full immersion and live synchronization
• Upgrade your existing Sightseeing Rides or invent a new one with us!



It’s not only a walk through your city, it is reliving past eras on foot! 

Top up your existing City App or build a completely new marketing tool – by using a new medium, generating both WOWs and revenue!

VR or AR App, to support your tour guide products or make one of your own!

• Display photos, videos and other additional information on top of the reality
• GPS activated hotspots with AR content for smartphones or VR content for Samsung GEAR VR
• For all mobile devices (iOS/ Android)



Sit back, relax and enjoy ONLY the show? Not anymore – Timetravel is the new way to make your tourism hotspots more worthwile! 

Stationary VR Setups as an comfortable way to travel – no matter where, no matter when!

Concept, Story, Technical Specifications included

• Full immersion
• VR enabled and theme-related chair
• Motion and senses simulation for authentic experience



Our company provides the best Timetravel experiences for local tourism and sightseeing. We use cutting-edge technology to make your tours more exciting, your products more valuable and your city even more worth-going!

The world’s first timetravel solution in Virtual Reality

We developed a unique Virtual Tourism Solution, allowing a visitor to experience in VR the city of Luxembourg during the year 1867, while driving with a tour bus through the city. The visitor takes a “virtual” ride as a passenger on a horse-drawn carriage with a coachman, seeing the buildings and surroundings from the past during the drive exactly where the tour bus is located. Therefore, the reality and the virtual world melt into a perfect time travel experience. The solution currently covers a core area of the Pfaffenthal and is planned to constantly expand the area covered.


Augmented Reality Guide App

Our AR App offers a completely new AR-Sightseeing experience, allowing a visitor with smartphone to revive historical sites and buildings. For this purpose visitors point the smartphone to a building when reaching a hotspot in the course of a city tour. The app automatically recognizes the building and then accurately overlays an image of the building from the past exactly at the right position. The app also allows you to navigate through several eras of time and provides more useful information. Therefore, reality and virtual information merge into a unique experience. Accomplished by integrating the latest AR image recognition technologies into the AR App and create a perfect illusion. The app is available for smartphones and tablets using Android and iOS.


Trip to 19th century Pfaffenthal

From 2 December visitors can plunge back into the 19th century Pfaffenthal district, while travelling by bus through the narrow streets of the suburb. Enriched with numerous photographic documents, moving images, sounds and music, this multisensory experience allows you to immerse yourself in the daily life of the district: you can see the private houses and functional buildings, such as the Vauban military barracks, while driving in an animated carriage, pulled by virtual horses.

Book a ride in Luxembourg!
Every Sunday 2 tours are organized in groups of 5 people maximum, the first one starts at 1:30 pm and the second one at 2:30 pm.

A Guide will accompany you from the Luxembourg City Tourist Office (LCTO, Place Guillaume II) to the Muerbelsmillen of the Pfaffenthal, explaining how the city developed after the dismantling of the fortress, thanks to AR (Augmented reality) technology. Then the Timetravel bus awaits you for a tour of about 2 km to the Pfaffenthal. The Timetravel tour ends on the platform of the panoramic elevator. The total duration is about 2 hours. Tickets are sold at the LCTO offices. The price of a ticket for an adult is 15€, that of a ticket for a teenager is 10€ (the minimum age: 8 years). For more information: touristinfo@lcto.lu or +352 222809.



See what our customers say about Urban Timetravel

Through the profitable use of virtual and augmented reality we were able to realize several innovative projects and come much closer to our vision of a “smart city”. Urban Timetravel S.A. has adapted to the characteristics of our city and was able to convince, above all, by an excellent knowledge of current technologies and a great and cooperative partnership. We look forward to the further development as well as further joint projects!

Lydie Polfer

Mayor of Luxembourg City;
Vice Chair of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly

Tourism is not only an identity-building element for the city of Luxembourg, but also a relevant economic factor and provides positive impulses in numerous other areas. The development of new business areas using technologies such as Urban Timetravel help to provide people – whether citizens or tourists – with a livable environment. The implementation of the Timetravel Experiences makes the European city of Luxembourg even more interesting and creates added value for all parties – us from the tourism marketing, the local economy, the local administration and of course for the tourists!

Marc Jeck

Promotion & Product Development,
Luxembourg City Tourist Office (LCTO)

Especially as a museum these days, we have to check for new innovative ways, to deliver history and culture to the people. We think using disruptive technologies is the key to creating new visitor experiences. Urban Timetravel created a virtual portal, so users can walk into the Luxembourg City Museum at any time to get a taste of what we’re exhibiting. The project with this young and motivated team was very agile and uncomplicated.
They have tons of ideas in their minds to bring more people in contact with history and culture and we hope to be able to create more, fascinating experiences with them in the future.

Anne Hoffmann

Assistant conservateur – les 2 Musees de la Ville de Luxembourg


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