World premiere at the ITB:

Spectacular time travel back in time

Luxembourg has something that other cities do not (yet) have: Recently you can experience the Grand Duchy on a virtual bus tour back in time. The innovative time travel is the first mobile VR city tour in the world.

With the help of virtual reality glasses, city visitors leave the year 2019 and experience the Luxembourg of 1867 on a historic carriage ride: „Visitors are totally enthusiastic about the tour and the authenticity of what they have experienced. And they are fascinated by the technical possibilities,“ says Johannes Berdin, Managing Director of Urban Timetravel. This unique tourism solution offers endless possibilities in terms of VR sightseeing. “ With this solution, you could visit the Colosseum in Rome 2000 years ago and then get out and touch today’s walls. You could also rebuild the Berlin Wall, witness the construction of the Empire State Building or experience Greek temples virtually,“ says Berdin. The Luxembourg example shows what is already possible today and what will continue to develop in the future. Together with Luxembourg, the company Urban Timetravel S.A. is presenting itself this year with its own booth in the immediate vicinity. Guy Breden from the City of Luxembourg will represent the application at the fair on a customer perspective. He will also talk about the reason why the city of Luxembourg supported the project and decided to integrate Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality into its Smart City concept.
At the booth 101a in hall 10.2 you will have the opportunity to experience a stationary version of VR driving. Daily from 11 to 16.30 half an hour.

We are looking forward to a common time travel!


Culture Conference Lounge (Hall 16/100)

6 March, 2 p.m.
Johannes Berdin (CEO of Urban Timetravel S. A.)
Guy Breden (City of Luxembourg)
Topic: Virtual Timetravel in Luxembourg: Travel to 1867 using a VR-Headset. (English)

VR-Lab (Hall 10.2)

7 March, 2 p.m.
Johannes Berdin (CEO of Urban Timetravel S. A.)
Guy Breden (City of Luxembourg)
Topic: Virtual Timetravel: A new way to experience history. (English)


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