Voyage dans le temps

Timetravel in Luxembourg

From 2 December visitors can plunge back into the 19th century Pfaffenthal district, while travelling by bus through the narrow streets of the suburb. Enriched with numerous photographic documents, moving images, sounds and music, this multisensory experience allows you to immerse yourself in the daily life of the district: you can see the private houses and functional buildings, such as the Vauban military barracks, while driving in an animated carriage, pulled by virtual horses.

A cultural newspaper in Luxembourg (Le Club) also reported on the upcoming project and describes how exciting the virtual time travel will be.
Read the whole article here.

Also the magazin „Paperjam“ reports about the upcoming event. Thanks to virtual reality glasses, it will be possible to see what the Luxembourg capital looked like in the 19th century.
It’s not about looking at old photos of the buildings, but about immersing yourself in the Luxembourg city more than a century ago with its daily atmosphere and life.
Read the whole article here.


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