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Urban Timetravel, part of the DDG – Digital Devotion Group, developed a unique Virtual Tourism Solution, allowing a visitor to experience in VR the city of Luxembourg during the year 1867, while driving with a tour bus through the city. The period of 1867 is particularly important for Luxembourg, since it was the time when the international stabilization of Luxembourg as an independent state was enforced. The visitor takes a „virtual“ ride as a passenger on a horse-drawn carriage with a coachman, seeing the buildings and surroundings from the past during the drive exactly where the tour bus is located. Therefore, the reality and the virtual world melt into a perfect time travel experience. Furthermore, numerous other application scenarios are conceivable, such as the enrichment of the solution with educational contents for schools and travelling “into the future,” to revolutionize urban planning.

Urban Timetravel develops on one hand the VR vehicle technology and on the other hand modeled in detail the historical core of the city of Luxembourg, the Pfaffenthal. Hundreds of buildings, streets and objects had to be modeled and staged taken from historical photos and plans of the archives of the city of Luxembourg. The solution currently covers a core area of the Pfaffenthal and is planned to constantly expand the area covered.

Read the official press release: 17-09-26 Press release – VR Timetravel – Digital Devotion Group_eng

Would you like to participate as a VIP in an exclusive test drive on the VR-Timetravel bus?
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Pictures: RTL.lu, photographer: Paul Theisen.


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