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Timetravel Luxembourg 1867 goes live

Travel back in time and experience one of the picturesque quarters of Luxembourg – the Pfaffenthal.

Since Sunday, 2 December 2018, the first TIMETRAVEL tours have started and the first impressed guests were able to experience the ride with Virtual Reality.

This unique Virtual Tourism Solution, allows the visitors to experience in VR the city of Luxembourg during the year 1867, while driving with a tour bus through the city.
We did not only develop the VR vehicle technology, but also modeled in detail the historical core of the city of Luxembourg, the Pfaffenthal. Hundreds of buildings, streets and objects had to be modeled and staged taken from historical photos and plans of the archives of the city of Luxembourg. And finally after further development the tour is launched and visitors are able to take part in the Timetravel experience.

Would you also like to enjoy this unique experience?

To enjoy a Timetravel Experience in Luxembourg you just need to write a message to or call +352 222809. Tickets are sold at the LCTO offices.
Every Sunday 2 tours are organized at 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm.

I hope you enjoy your ride and have fun experiencing Luxembourg’s past.


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